By Jeff Double


Summer is just around the corner, that means our store will be morphing once again!!  You need to stop by frequently to experience ALL we have to offer!

Remember: We will had that extra flair to your summertime parties; weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, or a simple back yard BBQ.  We want you to know, we can add pizzazz to ANY event.


  1. Nancy Seibel · ·

    Great site, Jeffery! Wishing you all the best with your new business. I only see bigger and better things for you!

  2. Tammy Klein · ·

    So excited to visit your shop! Love upcycling and your style. Good luck!

  3. Emily Landon · ·

    Simply loving the shop! Your talent really shines through in every aspect. To people who haven’t gone to visit the shop… you are really missing out. Go see what you are missing soon!

  4. Dixie Reimold · ·

    What took you so long…my talented friends ! Congratulations !

  5. Pam Eckert · ·

    HI Jeff and Mary Jane- it was nice meeting both of you last night. The website I was telling you about is the next meet up is in December at Frick Park
    I’ll have to bring Bella around to meet you guys, Loved your store by the way.
    Dirk and Pam

  6. Erma Mowry · ·

    I asked Jeff to create a special arrangement for my beloved uncle’s funeral and he came through with the perfect theme. I couldn’t have imagined anything more beautiful.

  7. Tammy Klein · ·

    Got my sisters name for Christmas. I asked her what she wanted and said anything from your shop! Thank you except now I have to narrow it down. Ugh! ;)

  8. Elizabeth king · ·

    Hi Jeff! Your email didn’t work? Maybe I got it wrong can you please
    Email me back yours

  9. Love your shop and the artistry you have is amazing. Telling everyone to come see!!!

    Dr. Lisa Kellerman, N.D.

  10. It was great meeting you guys at the Hitchburgh networking event the other night. Given that it was your first one, I’m really disappointed more people didn’t make it. However, I hope you still found it beneficial! I’ll definitely keep you in mind if I have anyone in need of some eclectic rentals, and I hope you’ll throw out my name if you have clients looking for an event coordinator!

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